Welcome to Holz Prof ltd!

For more than fifteen years, we are dealing with scientific research and development, chemical production and sales of eco-friendly products for wood (fire retardant, bio-protection) and other industrial materials for protection. Our products are designed for both the commercial industry and for the general public. The goods are tested and approved by many European accredited institutes and certification centers. We are constantly developing our technologies to offer the customer sefficient and the quality products.

Our production line includes various treatments and solutions for industrial and private purposes.
Our credo:


We are specialized in the products for wood protection against fire (euroclass B-s1, d0) and biodeterioration, as well as for decorative finishing and wood renovation. The products are certified and tested in laboratories and in practice. We offer solutions that do not leach, chemically combine with the structure of timber and modify wood into more strong and resistant material.


Our metal line provides powerful anti corrosion protection, stops the spread of already started metal deterioration and prevents the occurrence of new rust. There fore, the treatment converts rust and increases the durability and lifetime of the metal.


Our products for stone and concrete are suitable for inside and outside treatments. Products refine and reinforce the natural texture of plenty types of surfaces, like concrete, porous mineral bases, bricks and others.


Our products for cleaning and disinfection are easy to use, environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals. The products do not contain VOC, chlorine and alchool. All the solutions do not damage the surface and preserveits texture.


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