Decorative and protective wood stain – for internal and external use.

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HR Stain is water based acrylic stain that forms on the surface a semi-transparent protective film with gloss. The stain does not form a thick layer on the surface that would eventually peel off. This advantageous property will significantly save money and time for the repairs in the future. HR Stain penetrates deeply inside the surface reducing its porosity and roughness.

HR Stain protects timber against weathering and adverse effects of moisture and sunlight.


  • Does not contain VOC, APEO, biocides, solvents and other harmful and toxic ingredients;
  • Protects from weathering and UV;
  • 100% compatibility with Holz Prof (HR Prof) fire retardant;
  • Prevents wood against cracking.

HR Stain colours: white, grey, green, orange, brown and black.

white oak grey birch green pine yellow spruce brown birch black pine


HR Stain is designed for decorative and protective finishing treatment of raw and/or previously treated with HR Prof fire retardant wood surfaces. It is suitable for both internal and external conditions. It can be used for processing new and previously treated wood for residential and domestic buildings (facades, wooden terraces, garden and outdoor furniture, windows, doors etc.).

The wood can be coated several times. However, the wooden texture will remain visible, especially on the light surface.

HR Stain does not change dramatically the colour of the wood but tones it, adding a bright shade.

Directions for use

Before applying HR Stain, always clean the surface of all dust, dirt or other contaminants. It is advisable to clean the surface with products like Grunt Natur or Holz Renovator.

  • HR Stain may be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer at the temperature above +5oС (with humidity under 80%). The moisture content of the timber to treat should not exceed 22%.
  • Apply 1–2 coats with an interval of 40 minutes.

Consumption: not less than 60–100 g/m2

  • 1L per 10–16 m2 for planed wood;
  • 1L per- 5-10 m2 for sawn wood.

Stir before applying, the bottom sediment does not affect the quality of the product.

If necessary, it can be diluted with water. An additional tinting is possible by adding pigments.

The extra of HR Stain can be removed with sponge or clean textile. After completing the work, tools and equipment should be cleaned with water and/or soap or white spirit.

Please, feel free to contact us for any assistance and more information about Holz Prof (HR Prof) fire retardant treatment for wood.



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