Holz Bio is a wood protection product

puidukaitsevahend-2A good example of how our product works - Holz Bio, wood protection product.

Ten years ago these wood boards were treated with Holz Bio wood preservative and and left in an aggressive environment. For all this time, the wood has been exposed to biological agents and climatic conditions, such as: sunlight, rain, dampness, mold, insects, etc.

It was intentionally decided to use old boards that have already been damaged by a woodboring beetle inside for this trial. Moreover, these boards were used as a wooden flooring later, after our treatment and the experiment.puidukaitsevahend-3

In the photo, the boards inside look damaged as Holz Bio does not kill the woodboring beetle, but it preservates the wood from further destroy. It deeply penetrates the surface and increases the service life of wood, even already old and damaged one. The depth of impregnation reaches 4 mm, depending on the quality of the treatment. This is sufficient to protect the wood from pests and mold, and to increase its the durability.

As can be seen in the photo, the woodboring beetle could not eat and destroy the treated sides of the wood and did not come outside. The surface of the boards outside has no signs of rot, mold or other damages.

Holz Bio is an environmentally friendly wood preservation product with high penetration properties that modifies wood into resistant and durable material in outdoor conditions.