Wood restoration and finishing

hr stain  renovator

The wood board shown in the photo has been treated with Holz Prof fire retardant and divided into 4 parts. Our goal is to give one clear example of purposes and benefits of our products: HP Renovator, wood natural colour restoration product and HR Stain, wood stain.

Figure 1. In August 2016, the board was treated with the fire retardant product Holz Prof. The board became grey due to the weather conditions and UV in a year and a half.

Figures 2 and 3. In November 2017, the board was treated with HP Renovator. As a result, the greyed wood is restored back to its original colour.

Figure 3. A part of the board treated with HP Renovator was additionally coated with HR Stain. As a result, the board has a glossy sheen.

Figure 4. A part of the board untreated with HP Renovator was coated with HR Stain. This option might be interesting for those who want to preserve the look of old greyed timber, which is very popular in the interior design nowadays.